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“Stacy is a dedicated and hard-working professional whose organized approach to each placement yields optimal results. She has a long and proven track record of keeping both the client and the candidate up-to-date on the process and she also uses her extensive recruiting experience and resources to effectively select the right candidates to present for each position. Stacy is also an individual who consistently demonstrates exemplary integrity and discretion in all of her communications and interactions.”

– Dr. Albert Ahn


“In an industry that attracts those who hide behind a fragile patina of hubris and bravado, it’s rare to find the real deal. Stacy Pursell is a genuine bona fide top producer who is also one of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever known. I have met literally thousands of recruiters in my role as a coach and consultant/trainer to those in the industry. Stacy Pursell is one of the most impressive, and one who has earned not just my respect, but also my admiration. It’s rare to find someone with a clearly defined value system who is also adept at the nuance and achievement skills required to function as a high performing executive search consultant. It’s no surprise that she is one of the top billing recruiters in the industry. I highly recommend Stacy and her search work.“

Scott Love, High Stakes Headhunter and Author/Keynote Speaker

“Stacy Pursell is well connected and delivers. She listens to specific needs for a position and is successful in meeting those needs.”

Bruce Truman

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