Create a good impression in your new job!

Congratulations! You’ve just been appointed to your new job.

Now the real work begins.

It is important from the beginning to convince your new employers that, in selecting you, they have made the right choice.

Here are some tips:

  • Demonstrate that you are highly-motivated and eager to get started.
  • Discuss your duties and responsibilities; and establish your priorities.
  • Set challenging, but achievable, short-term and long-term goals.
  • To enable you to fit in quickly, find out as much you can about your company and its organisational structure.
  • Identify the most successful and highly valued people in the firm and analyse the reasons for their success. Use them as your role models.
  • Associate with colleagues who are perceived as ideal employees.
  • Prepare carefully for meetings with your boss. Try to anticipate questions and be ready with positive and considered responses. Make sure you are always well-informed. Keep up to date on current issues.
  • Learn all you can about problem-solving techniques.
  • When you are given a problem to solve, tackle it enthusiastically and systematically.
  • Establish a reputation as a good team player by developing good working relationships and cultivating friendships with as wide a range of people in the company as possible.
  • Participate fully in your company’s training programme; and avail of all opportunities to extend your knowledge and develop work-related skills.
  • Learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes of others.
  • Do more than is specified in your contract. Volunteer for assignments that will help raise your profile within the company.
  • Complete all work on time. Don’t make promises unless you are sure you can deliver.
  • Develop a reputation for honesty, loyalty and integrity.
  • Since your job description will form the basis of your performance appraisal, it is important to review it regularly.

-From ‘Four Minutes to Job Interview Success’

-published by Assignments Plus Business Publications