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As an investor and board member of several animal health companies, I believe nothing is more important than finding top talent. I have worked with Stacy Pursell for many, many years for good reason. She is 100% professional, thorough, well connected and well informed. I have full faith in her dedication and diligence to complete the task in a high-quality fashion.
Dennis F. Steadman
Founder of Merial and Velcera and Member of Steadman Capital

At Henry Schein Animal Health we have worked with Stacy Pursell and her team on a consistent basis for a number of years because she is the best in our business. Well-connected and well informed. We could not have wished for a more responsive and thoughtful recruitment consultant partner who always met our needs at both middle management and executive levels.
Peter McCarthy
Former COO North America at Argenta and Former President of Henry Schein Animal Health

“With Stacy’s help, I not only found a new role in industry, but thanks to her diligent work to create a good fit, I found a new and incredibly fulfilling career path that I had never imagined, that leverages my skills and passions in a way I hadn’t realized possible. I thank Stacy tremendously for opening my eyes to new possibilities and sending me on a path that has brought me the challenging and engaging work that I enjoy.”
Molly McAllister, DVM, MPH
Chief Medical Officer, Mars Veterinary Health

In an industry that attracts those who hide behind a fragile patina of hubris and bravado, it’s rare to find the real deal. Stacy Pursell is a genuine bona fide top producer who is also one of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever known. I have met literally thousands of recruiters in my role as a coach and consultant/trainer to those in the industry. Stacy Pursell is one of the most impressive, and one who has earned not just my respect, but also my admiration. It’s rare to find someone with a clearly defined value system who is also adept at the nuance and achievement skills required to function as a high performing executive search consultant. It’s no surprise that she is one of the top billing recruiters in the industry. I highly recommend Stacy and her search work.
Scott Love
High-Stakes Headhunter for DC & NYC Law Firms (partners only) & Author/Keynote Speaker

Stacy is one of the highest producing recruiters in both revenue and quality of service in the recruiting industry. She is an absolute “guru” in her niche more tightly connected to quality talent than anyone else I am aware of in her market segment allowing her clients to see superior talent very quickly!!!
Mike Gionta
TheRecruiterU.com, The Hudson Consulting Group

I have worked with Stacy in regards to recruitment for one of my positions. Stacy was very interested in finding the “right fit” for both my needs and the applicant’s desires. I would highly recommend Stacy to anyone looking to fill a position.
Dr. Watts Ph.D.

Stacy has presented several great candidates for open positions within my company. She helped me get my position with *******. I have had experience from both sides with Stacy’s performance, as a candidate, and as a hiring manager. She’s very open, and is familiar with the attributes we are looking for with each position, and presents only those candidates that have the qualities and skills needed. She’s realistic about each applicant and doesn’t gloss over issues. I’m very comfortable working with Stacy.
Top qualities: Personable , On Time , High Integrity

Stacy is a dedicated and hard-working professional whose organized approach to each placement yields optimal results. She has a long and proven track record of keeping both the client and the candidate up-to-date on the process and she also uses her extensive recruiting experience and resources to effectively select the right candidates to present for each position. Stacy is also an individual who consistently demonstrates exemplary integrity and discretion in all of her communications and interactions.

I am extremely pleased working with you and would like to maintain The Pursell Group as my primary conduit for my career opportunities. You have set the bar, Stacy, and I’m afraid no-one else has impressed me as far as professionalism in the recruiting arena.
Name withheld

You do your job well and with great honor. I am always pleased to recommend people to your care.
Name withheld

Stacy Pursell gets results! Her coaching and advice to candidates prior to the interview was invaluable in getting me into my present position. I know we will use Stacy again to find us other great candidates in the future.
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

I am pleased to write this recommendation for Ms. Stacy Pursell. I have used her recruitment services on a number of occasions. She is recognized as a top service provider in the Animal Health industry and offers superior results. I have no hesitation in recommending her services and I will certainly call on her again if the need arises.
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity
M. M.

 Stacy worked with me to find a new position in the animal health industry. She was extremely professional and personable, and I enjoyed working with her very much. She helped me find a position that was very different from anything that I had done before, but yet still fit my skill set and interests. She worked with me to make sure that the position I accepted was the right choice for me, and helped me to get a great salary and benefits package. I would use her again without a doubt.
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity S.A.

Stacy is a very detail oriented professional that is hard working and tenacious. Stacy knows the “vet space” very well and knows the needs and desires of her clients. Her ‘network’ of persons “in the know” make her a valuable partner in the search for talented and top notch candidates. Stacy is a pleasure to work with.
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Stacy recruited me to join Pfizer Animal Health, now Zoetis. She was exceedingly easy to work with and answered my questions diligently. I would highly recommend her for recruiting in the animal genetics and health arena.
Sue Denise
Executive Director of Genetics for Zoetis

Stacy did an excellent job helping me to find and apply for my current position. She was very organized and prompt and provided me with many useful tips on interviewing. I don’t think I would have gotten this job without her.
S.E. Marley, PhD

Stacy is unique among the recruiters with whom I have worked. She successfully holds both the interest of the company and that of the candidate in her mind at all times. The result is the right candidate for the right job. Even more important, Stacy is extremely professional and passionate about her work. She is always striving to serve her client in the most effective manner possible. Stacy is conscientious about her work and is very protective of the confidences entrusted to her. Stacy is hard working. Many times I have had discussions with her at night or on weekends as my travel schedule prevented calls during regular business hours. Each time, she handled the conversation in a patient manner with a full discussion of the topic. I heartily recommend Stacy as a recruiter on behalf of a company or as an advocate for a job seeker. You will find her unsurpassed in the veterinary industry.

Stacy has an intimate knowledge of the animal health industry and is well connected in all areas. She provides candidates with the requisite talent and qualifications and works well within company hiring guidelines. I certainly recommend her highly.
Charlie Passantino, MBA

Stacy is not the average recruiter. Her dedication in making sure that everything goes well during all steps of the process, even months after the person is on the new job, is amazing. She communicates often with the parties involved, provides relevant information, and make sure every step of the process is smooth and efficient. I am planning to use her services whenever I need to recruit good animal health professionals.

Stacy Pursell is by far the most professional, tech savvy, polished, enthusiastic and connected recruiter-matchmaker within the animal healthcare industry. Her networking/relationship management skills are second-to-none and she genuinely cares about her clients. Pursell is a hard working, persistent and highly skilled professional sales closer. Stacy sells HOPE, and she does is with a vibrant, positive attitude! She is committed to ongoing excellence, and if-and-when I need to hire people, I will give her a call immediately!

Stacy is a highly skilled and accomplished recruiter. Stacy is well connected and has worked with both the largest companies to small start ups. Stacy is easy to work with and maintains the highest standards of professionalism as well as confidentiality.

I’ve known Stacy since I began in veterinary industry and her reputation is stellar. I trust her implicitly and know that she is 100% discreet and ethical. I’ve never had to use her services personally, however if I needed a job, she’s the first one I’d call. I’ve seen many friends and colleagues get great jobs because of her, and I know the companies where they work are equally happy with the placements . Stacy is definitely someone on my speed dial!!

Stacy is well connected and delivers. She listens to specific needs for a position and is successful in meeting those needs.
Bruce Truman
Animal Health Expert

Stacy has provided well-qualified candidate pools for a variety of hard-to-fill positions for us at Schering-Plough Animal Health. She has a great understanding of the Animal Health business, and [obviously] has a great reputation among the candidates in that industry. Stacy has a unique blend of “Hunter” instincts and Account Management capabilities. Stacy has outstanding skills in both interacting with Candidates & Hiring Manager and [most importantly!] with her in-house Corporate Recruiting partner. I would strongly recommend that candidates and companies from the Animal Health industry and allied industries get to know Stacy Pursell!
A. C.

Stacy is one of those people who always brightens your day! She is undoubtedly one of the most optimistic people I know as well as a talented communicator and relationship builder. While Director of Recruitment at Pet’s Choice I worked closely with Stacy and found her to be a responsive, client-focused service provider. She’s trustworthy, professional, and always follows through on her commitments.

Stacy is a true professional and an extremely talented recruiter. She is the go to person for the Veterinary world when it comes to recruiting. I have worked with and known Stacy for over 12 years at both MRI and at the Pursell Group. Stacy truly cares about her clients and candidates and that goes a long way in the recruiting process for all parties concerned. If you need any level of talent in the veterinary world Stacy is the person you want on your side to bring the search to a successful close.

Stacy has an excellent network within the industry and is extremely responsive to customer needs.

Stacy, I really appreciate your assistance, advice, and efficiency in helping me find this opportunity and then bringing it to fruition. You made each step of the way easier and your preparation guidelines were very effective. Thank you very much for matching me with such a great position!
Take care,

Stacy, Please feel free to use the me and the Pet parents Network for a recommendation to any of your clients. You did a terrific job in securing exactly the Dr. that we needed for our program. We are going to be adding to our staff and would think of using no one other than you to meet our staffing needs.
Thank you very much for a job well done.
Steven Goldberg, Founder and President, Pet Parents Network

Stacy, thank you for your support and coaching in helping me to land this position. You were there every step of the way! I will gladly refer your services to others. Thank you!
Mark. L.

Stacy, Just a quick note to thank you for all that you did for me with my job search. I couldn’t have done it without your advice and support. I feel your preparation was vital to my success. I promise to keep you in mind if a friend could use some help. Thanks again and I’ll keep you updated on my progress!
Dr. Huggins, Novartis Animal Health

I am extremely pleased working with you and would like to maintain The Pursell Group as my primary conduit for my career opportunities. You have set the bar, Stacy, and I’m afraid no-one else has impressed me as far as professionalism in the recruiting arena.
Name withheld

Stacy Pursell was recommended to me by another recruiter. I was told that she was “the person” in veterinary recruiting. This statement couldn’t have been more correct. Stacy is very efficient and professional. She takes the time to find out exactly what you are looking for and keeps you informed on every move she makes on your behalf. Her website, The Pursell Group, is very informative – offering helpful tips for telephone interviews, face to face interviews, available openings, etc. She makes it a point to contact the veterinarian that she is representing and the potential employer before and after the interview for feedback.
I have been very pleased with the help that Stacy has provided me and would recommend her to any veterinarian interested in changing their circumstances – whether it be in private practice or industry.
Linda Grace, DVM

You do your job well and with great honor. I am always pleased to recommend people to your care.
Name withheld