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Executive and Employment Blog

The Pursell Group, an executive search and recruitment firm, is pleased to offer an executive and employment blog for both employers and job seekers. This blog covers a wide range of topics for both audiences, including career and employment tips and hiring strategies and best practices.

For employers, The Pursell Group provides hiring tips, strategies, and advice. This advice is for employers who want to identify, recruit, and hire the top talent available in the marketplace and also retain their top employees who already work for them.

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For job seekers and candidates, The Pursell Group provides employment tips and career advice for professionals who want to increase their value with their current employer and also grow their career by being open to considering and exploring other employment opportunities in the marketplace.

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Send Us Your Executive Blog and Employment Blog Ideas

While many of the posts in our executive and employment blog deal with career advice and hiring strategy, we also strive to provide other timely and relevant information for professionals and top talent in the employment marketplace.

With this in mind, if you an idea for our blog, we encourage you to contact us.