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The first step is to send us your resume.

After you send your resume, we will contact you if we have a suitable opportunity that matches your background and career goals. We may at some point have the ideal situation for you, whether it’s next week or next year.

Making a career change is a personal issue that affects your whole life. If we believe we can help you, we will spend time getting to know you, your needs, and your goals. As you develop a relationship with a recruiter, you will have confidence in their ability to represent you to potential employers.

The Pursell Group, LLC® is NOT a public job board. Your profile will only be viewed by professional recruiters who understand the importance of confidentiality when making a career move. There is NO cost to use our services if you are a job seeker. Our fees are paid by the employer that hires you.

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We invite you to use the links below to find helpful information, career tips, and job seeker resources:


Your resume is the launching pad for your career. Your resume is the ticket to landing interviews. The Pursell Group has compiled a list of tips for creating your resume the right way. Click here to see The Pursell Group’s tips for constructing your resume.

Interview Tips

The interview is your doorway to receiving an offer of employment, so you want to make sure that you perform at a high level during each and every interview. To help you do just that, The Pursell Group has a list of questions to ask during your interview, as well as a list of do’s and don’ts. Click here to see The Pursell Group’s tips for the interview.


Not being willing to relocate for an employment opportunity is a career-limiting move. However, you must consider a variety of factors before deciding whether or not relocating for a new job is the right move for you. The Pursell Group has a list of tips and job seeker resources so that you can consider all of the facts and determine your priorities. Click here for more information about relocation.

The Counteroffer

The counteroffer can be a challenging situation to navigate.  Accepting a counteroffer can backfire in ways that you didn’t even consider. Learn the ins and outs of the counteroffer and be better prepared for this situation the next time you face it in your career. Click here for more information about counteroffers.   You can contact The Pursell Group by calling (918) 488-3901 or (800) 436-0490 or you can send an email to