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Working with a good recruiter should result in hiring the best person for your position, not the “best person looking” for a new position. More often than not the best candidates are gainfully employed, highly regarded by their current employers and not actively looking for a new position. Therefore these candidates are not likely to know that your job opportunity even exists even if it is a better opportunity for them. When people are not looking for a position they do not spend much time if any reading the want ads or surfing the Internet for open jobs. These candidates have to be approached and sought out by a good recruiter and convinced to look at your opportunity. After all, who wouldn’t be convinced to leave for a better opportunity? This is where The Pursell Group LLC can benefit you, the employer.

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We have a proven track record and can quickly and effectively locate qualified talent for your critical job openings. We offer several options including retained search, contingency search and a hybrid plan. Our mission is to help companies acquire top talent, which helps them increase their bottom line on a global basis while helping professionals attain career-enhancing opportunities that allow them to achieve the quality of life they seek. Our passion is to solve problems and to help others succeed. We are experts in the search process because that is what we do on a daily basis and we are good at it. Employers should spend their time on what they do best which is running and managing their business. Leave the recruiting to professionals who are experts in the search process. If you needed a new roof on your home would you attempt to do it yourself or would you hire an expert roofing company to do it for you? It’s the same with regards to recruiting. Should you attempt to do it yourself or leave it to the professionals? We think you should leave it in the hands of professionals who will do the leg work for you, freeing up your time to do what you do best which is running your business.


  1. Coordinate the job description.
  2. Interview the hiring manager for clarification of needs.
  3. Research to locate the logical talent pool.
  4. Check our existing databases for leads.
  5. Source to narrow our research results.
  6. Recruit.
  7. Qualify candidates by initial telephone interview against the necessary job essentials.
  8. Sift the potential finalists from the wishful thinkers, window shoppers, tire kickers, and underqualified.
  9. Perform in-depth interviews with potential finalists.
  10. Reference check performance if requested by client, for an additional fee. Most clients prefer to perform their own reference checks.
  11. Arrange and coordinate the interview schedule.
  12. Prepare and counsel nominees for interviews by spelling out company needs, culture, organizational fit, hiring authority, personality, etc.
  13.  Debrief candidates after each interview, answering questions, etc.
  14. Debrief client hiring authority after each interview, assessing strengths, weaknesses, incompatibilities, etc.
  15. Coordinate with hiring manager on possible offers to be made and set the stage for acceptance.
  16. Participate with company in providing necessary information required for negotiating an acceptable offer.
  17. Reconcile any differences with successful candidate to smooth way for offer acceptance.
  18. Assist successful candidate in cleanly terminating current position.
  19. Work with spousal placement, if necessary.
  20. Follow up after placement to assure new employee integration.