Resume Tips

Resume Formats


There are many types of resumes, but the one we recommend is the Traditional. There are several different types of Traditional resumes.

One of the most popular Traditional resumes is the Historical / Chronological resume. This type is set up in reverse chronological order, most recent first. This style is best suited for those with significant experience in their field.

Another type of Traditional resume is the Functional. This format uses titles ( or job functions) as headings and may ignore historical format. Recent college graduates use this style.

A third type of Traditional resume is the Analytical. This format uses skill fields as headings and also ignores historical sequence. If you have diverse experience or are trying to change careers, use this style.

Do you need a resume?

Here are five free resume templates to use in Microsoft Word. Click any link below to preview & download a template.

Top 12 Accomplishments of Interest to Employers

As you are listing your accomplishments in previous jobs, be sure to include some of the following:

  1. Increased revenues
  2. Saved money
  3. Increased efficiencies
  4. Cut overhead
  5. Increased sales
  6. Improved workplace safety
  7. Purchasing accomplishments
  8. New products / new lines
  9. Improved record-keeping process
  10. Increased productivity
  11. Successful advertising campaign
  12. Effective budgeting